Thursday 11 May 2023

Prefect Induction

On Friday 5 May, Plenty Campus students Zoe, Tanui and Claire were inducted as Prefects of the School. It was just reward for these students as they have displayed outstanding leadership across many areas of the school throughout their time at Ivanhoe. Below are some reflections on their recent achievement.


‘When being granted the role of Prefect for 2023 I was beyond excited to be able to represent the School for the rest of the year. Through the weeks of being appointed a second-round Prefect, one main thing I had to do was think about my portfolio which was something that meant a lot to me, and after taking time to think, joining the primary portfolio prefect group was the best option for me as I felt I would be able to make connections with young children. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings as being a 2023 prefect.’


‘For me, becoming a Prefect means a new role of responsibility, one that I am very excited about and grateful to have the opportunity for. I hope throughout my final months at Ivanhoe, I will be able to set a good example to my peers and also for the future leaders of Ivanhoe Grammar School.’


‘Being appointed as Prefect I believe is one of my greatest accomplishments since I have been at Ivanhoe. It is a great honour to have been selected as a role model of the school for the remainder of 2023. In my first few weeks as Prefect, I have used my time to reflect on what is required from my new role and I believe it is to support and assist members of the school, I was also able to be involved in the planning processes for upcoming events as well as joining the Senior Years Prefect portfolio. I look forward to being a role model to the school and supporting my peers throughout the remainder of 2023.’

We congratulate Zoe, Tanui and Claire and wish them all the very best in their new role as Prefects of the School.