Thursday 23 March 2017

Plenty campus student with an eye for aircraft

Plenty campus year 10 student Cooper Simmons has an extraordinary talent for capturing aircraft.

Cooper’s parents are both in the aviation industry and he has been interested in planes since he was a little boy. He recalls borrowing books on aicrcraft from the school’s Junior Library when he was still in Primary School.

He became interested in photography two years ago after he joined a few Facebook aviation groups that contained plane spotting photos. Thinking it seemed like fun, he tried it out with his dad’s camera but enjoyed it so much he bought his own camera and improved his skills with practice.

Cooper began submitting his photos to websites such as JetPhotos and used the feedback from hundreds of rejections to hone his skills. With perseverance and determination, Cooper has now had more than 30 photos published on the JetPhotos website and runs his own Facebook Page – CS Aviation Photography. He finds the most challenging aspect of avation photography is how quickly the lighting can change because the the planes travel a vast distance very quickly. He also enjoys night and city photography and will mostly be found with his camera at the ready.

With a love of aviation, Cooper is already learning how to fly aged just 15 (and a half!) and his dream is to be a pilot when he finishes school. With the determination and maturity he’s already shown, there’s no reason that dream can’t become a reality.

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