Thursday 24 September 2015

Plenty Campus Recording Studio


Students at Plenty Campus have been making great use of the recently built Recording Studio, which has multiple practical and educational uses.

During Term 3 it was used for in-class recording of group performance projects – this is excellent for the musical development of the students as they are forced to focus on tone, tempo, and structural elements of their playing (while not being able to rely purely of vocal melody to know where they are up to). It also means that the vocalists are able to sit and watch the recording process, and then receive immediate feedback on their singing.

The studio was also used to record pieces for use in performance, in particular for the 25th Anniversary Concert Celebration. As well as recording music, students were involved in recording spoken word voice overs to accompany slideshow displays.

While it is predominantly used by the classroom Music students, the studio has also been utilised by Year 9 Drama students to create aural links between scenes, and by the Year 12 class in preparation for their final assembly.

We look forward to this resource being used for many creative and wonderful projects in future.

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