Thursday 27 August 2020

More Than Words – Plenty Campus

From a baby’s first cry, the human family sings – to celebrate, to mourn, to love, to communicate our deepest thoughts and feelings to each other – above self, More than Words. The goal of the Plenty Campus More than Words concert is to nurture both experienced performers and the next upcoming young artists by providing them with unique opportunities and mentoring.

Since the dawn of history, the human voice and the act of singing have been intrinsically linked with storytelling. Considering this fundamental connection with song and personal identity, it was an important developmental milestone for these young performers to share their stories through music. The More than Words Concert is a Plenty Campus event drawing on the talent pools of Foundation to Year 12 students. This event began with vocal students presenting a digital audition to Danielle O’Malley, our visiting vocal expert. All auditions were then reviewed and provided with feedback to develop their final performance for a vocal presentation for an online audience. Although the students faced new and unique challenges, I am proud to announce the standard of participants this year was very high.

It was inspiring to witness these engaging and skilful final performances and it was no accident that the high standard was a result of the application of hard work and excellent coaching. Senior students had the special opportunity to take part in a specialised online workshop which individually catered for the specific performance style and technique requirements for each student. Our vocal expert, Danielle O’Malley was impressed to see young performers being venerable and courageously sharing their performance with a wide audience, while being able to take on feedback to be the best performer they can be. Danielle’s work inspired the students and reminded them of the importance of investing in music. The School offers sincere thanks to the staff who have worked tirelessly in coordinating this large event for Plenty Campus and for bringing this event to its successful fruition.

Mark Lauber
Head of Performing Arts – Plenty Campus

View the More than Words Plenty Campus concert here