Monday 07 December 2015

Plant stalls for a great cause

Throughout this year, our trusty group of Library Leaders have been making great use of our school’s wonderful Science facilities to grow and sell plants, to raise money for various worthy causes in our community. The first plant stall held was a Mother’s Day stall, which raised $200.30 for the Pink Ribbon Foundation. To be fair, it was then decided that the next stall should be a Father’s Day stall, and so $201.30 was raised for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Finally, to celebrate the end of the year, a Christmas Plant stall was held and $201 was raised for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

We are all very impressed that growing and nurturing plants from cuttings can raise $602.60 to help our wider community. We also hope that the plants bring joy and happiness to everyone who has bought them and that they continue to bring great pleasure as they grow and bloom. The original Library Leaders group, who started this initiative, is hoping it will branch out into a new group called GES – Group for Environment and Sustainability – and are looking for new student members who can really get involved in caring for the environment. Please ask at the Library if you would like more information.

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