Sunday 09 September 2018

Pitch for the Planet

On Thursday 6 September, in the Round Square Gallery, Pitch for the Planet was held as part of the Global Citizenship Centre’s Global Goals Series event. There was a buzz in the air as students, parents and staff came together on the night to listen to each other’s ideas on how our School can become more sustainable.

The evening was an opportunity to showcase innovative ideas on how to make Ivanhoe Grammar School more sustainable and pitches had to reflect the Ivanhoe Learner attributes innovative and balanced (balancing school needs and what is achievable) as well as the Global Goals: 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 – Climate Action. Both students and staff were able to enter and have their pitches heard.

Students came up with all sorts of innovative ideas, including composting coffee grounds at The Ridge, plastic-free tuck lunches, solar panels, and much more! Beyond the winning pitches, we’re hoping to action as many of the pitches as possible in the future as we move towards being a more sustainable School community.

The exhibition remains open to enable students and staff to browse through the pitches, create their own sustainability-themed Teaspoon of Change, and vote for their favourite pitches.

Voting will continue through next week on the over 50 pitches created, and then the top three pitches will get the opportunity to present their ideas to the School Principal, Business Manager, and relevant Heads of Campus next term.