Monday 07 September 2015

Pierre de Coubertin Award

On Friday 4 September, Year 12 Captain Nev Rikalo was awarded the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin Award. The Pierre de Coubertin Award recognises secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities, displaying the Olympic ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. More than 13,000 young Australians have received the Award since its inception in 1993 and each year, secondary school teachers are invited to nominate one recipient for the Pierre de Coubertin Award from Year 11 or 12. In order to be selected for the Pierre de Coubertin Award the recipient must have participated actively in the school physical education program with a consistently positive attitude, demonstrate the attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement and participated in at least two other sports (individual or team). As part of the nomination each student must submit a literary or artistic piece. Nev has been an active participant in various sporting pursuits at the School, particularly her involvement in the Girls Tennis team. Congratulations Nev!,,