Tuesday 17 August 2021

Piano & Instrumental Competition

The School’s 2021 annual Cross Campus Piano & Instrumental Competition final evening was held on Monday 2 August in Buckley Hall commencing at 7.00pm.

We were very lucky to have Anna Daniel join us for the evening to adjudicate the students who had succeeded in making it to the finals in the Performer Sections.

Although we were unable to have guests attend, the students competing on the evening had the opportunity to hear each other perform. It was a delight to hear the pool of talented musician’s drawing from The Ridgeway Campus, The Plenty Campus and The University Campus.

The Junior, Intermediate and Senior piano sections included a vast range of works from Chopin, Beethoven to Zimmer.

Ms Daniel was really impressed with the talent and expressed to the students how she enjoyed the musicality and polish of their performances.

The evening concluded with the Senior Instrumental Performers which included a range of instrumentalists. First prize was awarded to Year 12 student Calum who performed a truly expressive performance on the recorder Music for a Bird. His performance included extended techniques on the instrument to express the sounds of a Bird.