Thursday 18 August 2016

Piano and Soloists 2016

The finale performance of the Piano and Soloists competition was held on Wednesday 17 August at Buckley Hall. The evening showcased the remarkable talents of music students from across the School.

It was a pleasure to have Hoang Pham as the 2016 Adjudicator. Vietnamese-born Australia pianist, Hoang Pham is one of Australia’s finest concert pianists, winning top awards in Australia including the Best Australian Pianist at the Sydney International Piano Competition, First Prize at the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition and was the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performer of the Year in 2013.

This year there were 71 competitors from across the School and at the Final Performance Night, 13 of those competed in the Performer Section.

The First Prize for the Senior Performer Category is named the “Ivan and June Fox Trophy” in honour of Ivan and June’s support for the development of Music at the School and the purchase of the School’s Grand Piano in Buckley Hall.

After considerable deliberation, Hoang Pham announced the awardees from the night’s performances. The Player Awards had been decided during the previous audition heats of the competition, the Performer sections only were adjudicated by Hoang Pham.

We would like to congratulate all students who entered and competed in this year’s competition and hope that the experience of their performance, together with the presentation of Certificates and Awards will encourage them to stretch their talents and capabilities even further.

The winners in the 2016 Piano & Soloist Competition are shown below.

Senior Performer

First Place – Simon Pang

Second Place – Tysha Clark

Third Place – Maria Lin

Intermediate Performer

First Place – Thomas Salomon

Second Place – Josh Philip

Third Place – Vincent Chih

Intermediate Player

First Place Guest Performance – Jayde Ilievski

Second Place – Henry Palmer

Third Place – Patrick Vaughan

Junior Performer

First Place – Benjamin Kasjan

Second Place – Jayden Du

Third Place – Angus Dillon

,, Junior Player

First Place – Noah Papadopoulos

Second Place – Lachlan Kelly

Third Place – Winter Judd