Thursday 21 October 2021

Performing Arts Concert

The highly anticipated Plenty Campus Performing Arts Concert for 2021 was an online event that accommodated the changing circumstances for our Secondary School performers. Thank you to the students, their parents and the music staff who all contributed. The ‘Performing Arts Concert’ can be viewed through Ivanhoe Connect on the Plenty Campus Performance page.

Music Captains Report

This year as we have again witnessed many shifting perspectives in the Performing Arts and as a School, we have overcome the challenges that remote learning has offered our staff and students, whilst also embracing the opportunities of when we have come together to perform with gratitude, creativity and goodwill. One of these opportunities has been to perform in a performing arts concert.

This concert is a celebration of the Performing Arts at Plenty Campus and is the culmination of many hours of rehearsal. Music, Dance and Drama are vital components to the Performing Arts program at Ivanhoe offering our community comfort, joy and a sense of connection.

It has been so great to see so many students get involved, especially since it is an online format. I am sure they are all extremely proud of all of the work they have done and are very excited to share it with the wider Ivanhoe community. There is a wide range of students from year 7’s to experienced senior school performers. This concert includes performances from Secondary instrumental and vocal students as well as performances from Secondary dance and drama co-curricular groups.

Special thank you to all of the music staff especially Mr Lauber, Mr Chappel, Mr Callegari and Mrs McEwan, who helped our students perform to the best of their abilities as well as Friends of Plenty Performing Arts for their amazing efforts in supporting the music department. I would also like to thank Kristina Garla and the Marketing team, Kelly Said and Sonny Igusti as well as Nick White for their assistance behind the scenes in making sure this concert was the best it could possibly be.

I would also like to thank all of the students for getting involved in this amazing experience and for making the performing arts such an amazing experience this year.

I hope you enjoy the concert!

Music Captains Andre and Katelyn