Monday 12 October 2020

Performing Arts Concert

This year, we have witnessed many shifting perspectives in the Performing Arts, and we have experienced the challenges and opportunities that remote learning has offered our staff and students. It was a great pleasure to work with staff and students on our program for the Performing Arts concert, a rich collection of music, dance and drama items for audiences to engage within the online space. The music staff must be congratulated for the development of innovative processes within the music program which have been successfully implemented to support student learning during this time. Their work has ensured the continuity of both the curricular and co-curricular music program.

Many of the ensemble videos you are about to watch involve students playing to click tracks and complex orchestrated pieces in their headphones while they perform. There are also many hours of patient and skilful editing done behind the scenes by the music staff and students to bring all respective parts together into a synchronised, harmonious whole. This concert is a celebration of the Performing Arts at the Plenty Campus and is the culmination of many hours of rehearsal.  Music is a vital part of the curricular and co-curricular program at Ivanhoe and our teachers have risen to the occasion as they push to keep students engaged. Online activities, such as music ensembles, dance and drama groups, give students opportunities to rehearse and perform with their peers. Both staff and students are doing a great job helping each other connect through artistic online programs, keeping each other uplifted and making sure the show goes on.

May I take this opportunity to thank Friends of Plenty Performing Arts or FOPPA, previously known, as In-Tune who work tirelessly to support and raise funds for the Performing Arts Department.  All proceeds go towards the purchase of instruments and equipment to support the delivery of the Performing Arts Program. Their support of both the Primary and Secondary co-curricular programs is an invaluable part of their role.

Thanks also to:

  • Kristina Garla, Rosa Good and the Marketing team
  • Ros Barker and Kelly Said for their production coordination assistance and liaising with Marketing
  • Nick White, our Technical Director and Video Editor
  • Our amazing Music staff who teach the students each week and who have prepared the ensembles for the concert’s performances
  • Wendy Chang for her outstanding work with the Primary Music Program
  • James Chappel, Shauna McEwen and Michael Caligari for their amazing enthusiasm and talent working with the secondary students

We hope you enjoy the Performing Arts Concert.  Click here to watch the concert

Mark Lauber Head of Performing Arts, Plenty Campus

 Reflection – Year 11 student Ariane

The power that dance has is amazing. Dancing has always been something that has made me happy. Even when I was little and not very good at it I would prance around the house while my mum filmed me. Dancing helped me build confidence and express myself. These outcomes of dancing are something that I felt the kids at Ivanhoe needed during these times and that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to choreograph a number for our online performing arts concert.

I had never choreographed a number before and never properly taught dance before and I must admit that running classes through zoom was not easy but my amazing fellow students made the best of the situation and always participated with full enthusiasm even when I made some mistakes.

The song “Born to Be Brave” was one of my original options for the year 9 dance I was meant to choreograph for the 2020 Shakedown Dance concert which unfortunately didn’t take place and when I was asked to work on a dance from home, the song immediately came to mind. The message was so uplifting and I felt it was one that many people would need to hear during the current climate. I would put my headphones on and dance around the house like I would as a kid and when something felt right I would video it and then perfect it to teach to the group that week.

Every one of my peers worked so hard on the dance and I am extremely proud of how it turned out but I have to say I am most proud of them and their attitude. They would ask questions and always be so willing and ready to learn. Every week saying goodbye and hearing ‘thank you so much Ariane you are doing so well’ made me feel so happy and loved at a time when everyone is so isolated. Joy and love really are the power of dance.