Thursday 02 August 2018

A passion for community service

As Steve Jobs said, ‘People with passion can change the world’ and that’s exactly what Year 10 student Khushi has in abundance. Year 10 student Khushi Jadhav has a passion for community service which has seen her working on many local and global causes. This work was recognised earlier in the year in the Australia Day Honours when she received a Community Award for outstanding dedication to community service.

She has worked with many not-for-profits in India and Australia and she was recently involved with projects such as Ignite and 1000 Shoes. Her latest project, Ignite sees her working with underprivileged children in Victoria and Central India educating them in vital life skills.

At the end of this year, Khushi will attend a conference in Singapore to meet Diplomats and NGO’s from all over the world. Khushi took time out of her busy schedule to reflect on the journey so far and her enthusiasm for the future.

How did you get involved in community service?

I have always been involved and engaged in community service from a young age through inspiration drawn from my role models, school initiatives and my parents. I volunteered my time to multiple local charity organisations and small fundraising projects. Through these experiences, I have been able to learn and recognise the significance and importance of issues at local levels. These local issues enabled me to understand the bigger picture, work towards global goals and help the wider community.

What drives you?

The driving force behind my passion towards community service is the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction I receive from helping others and making a contribution to the change I would like to see in the world. In addition, I enjoy the positive and constructive criticism for further improvement in my ideas and approach. I strongly believe community service provides a multiple vision and a diverse dimension on the world around us and the community we live amongst.

What do you think is the most important issue facing young people today?

I believe an important issue facing our youth locally and globally is education. Education can be defined into many categories and is relevant to many facets of life. For example, young people living in poverty-stricken countries require further education on life-skills, everyday problem solving and become innovative and resourceful to live a sustainable life. In addition, there is a need for youth living in developed countries to think outside the box and or make the box bigger despite the technology, social and electronic media challenges. Overall, education on waste management and principles of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy should be taught and encouraged.

How do you feel about being invited to the conference in Singapore at the end of the year?

I feel honoured and privileged to meet global leaders and NGO’s at the end of this year. I sincerely look forward to gaining knowledge and learning from their experiences about the issues prevalent in our world today. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic to engage with people who are aligned and integrated with the current global issues and initiatives.