Monday 20 November 2023

Parent Seminar

An Old Ivanhoe Grammarian, prominent adolescent Psychiatrist and an expert in human behaviour, Dr Wake will be speaking on a topic of great significance – The Relationship Between Emotion, Our Thoughts, and Our Responses.

Dr Andrew Wake has authored two influential books – When You’re the Adult in the Room, which is intended for teachers, and The ‘Good Enough’ Parent. His work delves into the intricate connections between emotions, thoughts, and our reactions to them. During his previous talk, Dr Wake received exceptional feedback, which is why we have invited him back for a parent seminar in Term 4. The seminar will encompass a comprehensive examination of various aspects of child development and parenting, including: ‘Disagreements and Negotiation: Getting the Timing Right’. We encourage all parents and guardians to attend this seminar, as it promises to be an enlightening and beneficial event for everyone in our school community.

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