Tuesday 02 August 2022

Paddock to Plate Program

Year 2 students at Plenty Campus have been busy harvesting the produce they have worked so hard to nurture as part of our Paddock to Plate Program. We harvested some fresh spinach and students learnt how to make Burek, a traditional Balkan recipe. We embrace our garden in many different learning areas, students research and collected data for their numeracy project, and they spend time observing the changes and using the wonderful space they have created as inspiration for our writing, inquiry and mindfulness sessions. Our Garden Monitors are also responsible for leading our Garden Club every week with our primary students and we are looking forward to some upcoming collaborative cooking sessions. Our program also aims to create broader connections to the concepts of responsibility, sustainability, and indigenous perspectives.

What parents are saying about our program:

Noa has loved the garden project and her awareness of how produce is grown and harvested has really increased. My mother-in-law has an indigenous background, Noa was able to explain the types of indigenous plants you have in the garden – Butterworth Family

The garden truly is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much she wouldn’t try spinach before cooking burek and she loved it! It’s incredible to see when doing things with the class can make such a great difference! – Esposito Family

Beata loves the garden project and has been encouraging us to start our own veggie patch. It’s a delight to hear snippets of what she’s learned when we’re planning meals at home or out shopping for produce. Also, on the weekend at Bunnings she was very happy and proud to see the ‘Thank You’ letter made by the class on the bulletin board – Pajarillo Family

What students are saying about our program:

I hope this program never ends – Beata

I can’t wait to grow different types of vegetables – Kris

When I go to the garden and I see all the plants, I feel joyful – Aaron

I am very excited that other students in our school want to be a part of it too – Noa

I am looking forward to having new veggies in new food so I can try them at home- Wyatt