Tuesday 20 June 2017

Outstanding Leader of the Year

Steve Brophy, Director of ICT & eLearning, has won Outstanding Leader of the Year awarded by Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV).

Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria is an organisation that supports and promotes innovative teaching practices in in primary and secondary education through community events, publications and awards. DigiCon is their annual technology in education conference and in 2016, Steve was their Keynote Speaker.

Steve is committed to advancing the use of technology both in the classroom and co-curricular activities. As the co-Founder of the annual TeachTechPlay conference, Steve shows his commitment to passing on knowledge to students, fellow teachers and the wider community. TeachTechPlay brought an International cohort of technology educators to Ivanhoe Grammar School in a 2 day conference during the Term 1 holidays. Further, his work teaching Year 7 students to make prosthetic hands for the disadvantaged using 3D Printers is both innovative and inspiring.

This award should come as no surprise then when the Vision Statement of DLTV is to “celebrate and recognise the exceptional work of people who have made an outstanding contribution, using technology, to the educational advancements of their students and have a significant positive effect on their colleagues, both at school level and beyond.”

Congratulations, Mr Brophy on this very well-deserved acknowledgement of your continued contribution to our School and beyond.