Tuesday 06 September 2016

Outdoor Education and Adventure

In Term 3, as part of Outdoor Education and Adventure the Year 10 camp and retreat is held. Running from Saturday 20 August to Friday 26 August, students completed a very successful journey and retreat, which is the culmination of their compulsory outdoor education experience.

Students take part in a host of activities such as, mountain bike riding through the Gembrook and Bunyip State Forest, cross-country skiing at Dinner Plain, sea-kayaking on Gippsland Lakes, rafting on the Mitchell River and compete in the amazing race in Gembrook.

Once the first part of the journey is completed students move onto the Coonawarra Farm resort near Bairnsdale to begin the retreat phase. Student’s catch-up with one another, sharing their experiences and reflect. One of the highlights of this phase is also the 24 hour solo which challenges students to spend time alone in nature. Most students find this 24 hour solo a very rewarding and defining moment.

ELICOS students also took part in the retreat where many were first introduced to the Australian bush through an overnight campout, bush walk and much more.

Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together away from the hustle and bustle of the School and the city of Melbourne. It was clear skies alongside cold nights and many students commented on the beauty of Victoria’s natural environment. The outdoor experience incorporates many things such as learning about yourself and others, the environment and developing resilience and how to evaluate risks.

This experience would not have been possible without the staff who had the vision and energy to put in place such a rigorous, and exceedingly worthwhile program for students.