Thursday 26 May 2016

Out of classroom experience

Year 9 students are currently on their second round of Out-of-Classroom Programs. They are based at Richmond for two weeks to do some intensive research in to Life at the Turn of the Century.

After a History and a Geography lesson, the students chose a topic that they want to learn more about, it might be the role of women, working class men, factory life, or the ever popular ‘crime’.

In order to get an idea of the development of Melbourne and it’s working class beginnings, students participate in a bike ride around South Melbourne stopping off at the Portable Iron Houses for fascinating talks by volunteers from the Historical Society, they also Paddle along the Yarra from Richmond into Docklands looking at the different land use over time. Then it is back to planning and research. The pressure is on because their projects are showcased at a Film Night, being held early in Term 3.

Year 9 students like to be challenged by their learning environment and are inspired by the world around them. At Ivanhoe Grammar School, our students are kept busy and stimulated throughout. They get to participate in many out-of-classroom experiences.

On three separate occasions during the year our students participate in experiential learning outside the classroom and have the opportunity to be immersed in different cultures through the International Journey.