Thursday 25 February 2021

Our Student Leaders

We were so pleased to formally present and acknowledge our four School Captains, Frank, Bella, Lexie and Harrison in front of the Plenty Campus community on Wednesday 24 February. This is an important passage for students as new school leaders are presented across all campuses. Ten Prefects were also inducted and make up the student-leadership team at Plenty Campus. Congratulations to Charlotte, Jayden, Emily, Lucy, Daniel, Ariane, James, Zac, Zali and Alexia. To be appointed as a Captain and Prefect and be a part of the student leadership team at Ivanhoe Grammar School is a great honour. We look forward to welcoming and congratulating the rest of the student leadership team at The Ridgeway Campus soon.

School Captain Frank

What is your vision for 2021?
I envisage that the culture of the School and inter-campus connection will be further strengthened as a result of improved co-curricular engagement by students. Our sense of inclusivity across the School will also be enhanced – which is paramount in allowing all students to be comfortable and happy at Ivanhoe and have a sense of belonging. My vision for Ivanhoe in 2021 is for all students to be excited to head to school and be empowered to develop whilst at school.

What makes a good leader?
A good leader commits themselves to the betterment of those around them and encourages a sense of belonging in all. This isn’t to say that personal growth and achievement shouldn’t be celebrated, rather, the real reward of leadership is when those around us can grow and succeed alongside each other. Further, good leaders are unafraid to be themselves and speak out when they need to, to be firm and fair. A leader cannot ask something of someone else that they themselves are not prepared to do, or do not already, do. 

What are your plans for the future?
I aspire to attend either Monash University Medicine or Melbourne University Biomedicine and involve myself in the wider community of both the university I attend and at a local level. I would like to travel the world over time, exposing myself to further cultures, environments and simply, living my life. I would like to maintain the connection I have with my friends and the School and build and nurture new connections wherever my life takes me.

School Captain Bella

What makes a good leader?
Leadership to me is the ability to get the most out of people around you. To lead by example, listening to others and learn from experiences. No leader is perfect, and no leader believes they are perfect, yet acknowledges their downfalls and utilising them to build themselves as a person of character. Some of the greatest leaders in history, Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai, showed leadership by achieving justice for others rather than striving to promote their own excellence. I recognise that leadership does not have to be large scale nor does every leader hold the same attributes, as a leader it is important to be humble one’s character.

Who do you admire and look up to?
Personally, I look up to my members of my family, especially my parents. The resilience of my parents in migrating from overseas, learning a whole new language, and adapting to a completely different lifestyle almost 20 years ago still amazes me to this day. Together, they both strived for their personal goal to practice as doctors which included studying for and taking exams, working night shifts, all whilst raising my me and my brother. Their courage and true passion for the field of health has truly inspired me and motivates me every day to strive for my personal best as they did.

What are your plans for the future?
My major personal goal as a Year 12 leader at Ivanhoe Grammar School is to embrace and immerse myself in the Ivanhoe culture to the best of my ability. This includes striving for a balanced dedication towards my academic efforts, co-curricular engagement and strengthening my relationships within the Ivanhoe and the greater local community. As a leader, I will represent the values of Ivanhoe Grammar School, including the IDEALS of Round Square and the attributes of an Ivanhoe learner. I endeavour to continue running the Little Bean, engaging with the ideals program, participating in both summer and winter season sports, being a leader and role model within the cadet and debating programs, as well as engage in assisting in the planning of assembly and other school events. Furthermore, I am eager to learn from the challenges that arise with leadership by approaching them with an open mind. I will take every opportunity to embrace leadership challenges and foster my personal development as I prepare myself for tertiary education. Personally, I wish to study law at Monash University, in pursuit of my dream career of becoming a lawyer to represent those less fortunate within society, especially younger children with regards to family disputes.  Overall, I wish to end my journey at Ivanhoe as a student who has embraced the great Ivanhoe culture and everything Ivanhoe Grammar School has to offer.

School Captain Harrison

What is your vision for 2021?
2021 is sure to be a big year with lots of people in new positions given the difficulty of this year. Because of this, we hope to build upon a culture that allows all members of our community even the most junior, to feel as if they can come to school each day fully apply themselves to all aspects of our school life, as well as develop their own leadership abilities. This can be in the classroom, on the sporting ground or on stage. We strongly believe that every person has a ‘thread’ of leadership, and through providing these opportunities and experiences each and every person will be able to develop their own leadership styles. Furthermore, we have already been making plans to continue working on strengthening an inclusive culture throughout our school. Part of this will be creating programs or seminars that develop our social awareness regarding important issues.

How has your education impacted your life?
I have been at Ivanhoe for almost 12 years now, and that time has profoundly impacted who I am today both as a person and as a learner. Being at Ivanhoe has taught me how to embrace those around me and their ideas, as many of them will have a different perspective and understanding which allows us as a community to grow together. Furthermore, the opportunities at Ivanhoe cater to a variety of interests, which have allowed not just myself, but many others to explore their strengths and step out of their comfort zones. I can say with certainty that I would not have become the person I am today without the opportunities and community that Ivanhoe offers.

Who do you admire?
Ever since I was a very young child I have always admired my grandparents and their incredible work ethic. Coming to Australia at such a young age was very difficult. They inspired me to be hardworking and always look after those around me, as ultimately they will always support you through your most difficult times. My grandparents for me symbolise great leaders, everything they did and worked for always had in mind the best interests of those around them. I hope that I will be able to bring this same idea to my leadership abilities.

School Captain Lexie

What is your vision for 2021?
My vision for Ivanhoe Grammar School in 2021 is to continue the development of our inclusive culture. I want to provide students with the opportunity to propose their own initiatives and create an environment that targets student wellbeing and encourages healthy conversations on these topics. In 2021, I would also love to see greater opportunities and promotion of programs that propel the acceptance and understanding of different cultural and community perspectives.

What makes a good leader?
A good leader understands leadership to be the willingness and commitment to encourage, aid and empower others to achieve their own potential. They have the ability to influence and lead by sound example and have a strong sense of duty and service. Leaders have an active commitment to engage in reflection and seek and respond to feedback. They are honest and stay true to their values, they are good listeners and have trust in their own abilities as well as confidence in the abilities of their peers.

What makes a young person of character?
A young person of character considers the perspectives of others and acts intuitively to support them. They have a solid foundation in the values of empathy, honesty, integrity and respect and they persevere when presented with a challenge. A young person of character does not exalt themselves but serve and support others so they too can succeed in reaching their own potential.