Thursday 14 October 2021

Online Learning

Our Primary students have continued to produce high-quality work during this period of online learning. Their enthusiasm and creativity has resulted in some truly fantastic work, whether it be a wellbeing yoga session, music performance, a Zoom Incursion to Parliament House, edible artworks or presentations on the solar system, students have continued to impress their teachers with the quality of their work. Teachers share their snapshots below.

Maths at Home

Learning Mathematics at home has offered our Year 1 students plenty of opportunities for real-life learning and connections. In the last weeks, we have compared mass using potatoes, made clocks, played mental computation games with our families, found examples of doubles and demonstrated what one half means. So many great learning experiences right under our noses!

Art at Home

The theme in Primary Art this year is ‘A Feast for your Eyes’. Primary students have explored edible sculptures as an art form and then created their own edible artwork. Using food to create art has been a wonderful sensory experience for the students. Touching food has helped them combine visual and tactile data, enhancing their understanding of the shape and texture of different objects.

Reflective Journal Podcasts

Year 4 students are using Garage Band to record their own podcast episodes as a reflective journal in their inquiry unit. Each week students reflect on the knowledge they have gained, skills they have learnt and what they are still puzzled by. The goal is to record thinking throughout their learning experiences. At the end of the unit, students will compile and release one huge episode explaining their experiences before, during and after.

Space Inquiry Unit

Year 5 students have been exploring the universe in their Space Inquiry unit. Students used their creativity and knowledge to show their teacher, in their own way, all about space and the solar system.