Thursday 09 June 2016

Oldest Alumni

Earlier this week the Executive Officer of the Old Ivanhoe Grammar Association, Geoff Brown (’62) and the Director of Development, Astrida Cooper, visited Gordon Alston (’36) to mark his upcoming 98th birthday.

As far as the school is aware, Gordon is now the oldest living Ivanhoe Grammarian. Until recently, Gordon has been a regular visitor to the school for a variety of events including the annual ANZAC Day service, Buckley Boys lunches, and The Fidelis Society morning teas. The Ivanhoe community wishes Gordon continuing good health and we look forward to our next visit with him.

The OIGA formed in 1920 and the Mission is to reach, connect and support current and past students in a variety of ways. The governing body for alumni – the OIGA Council – is comprised of alumni representing both the Plenty and Ridgeway Campus and spans 50 years.

President of the Association, Peter Swain (’75) continues to lead with passion and the OIGA Councillors are committed to assisting with ‘rolling-out’ the Mission in line with their strengths and passions. For more information on the OIGA click here