Wednesday 20 February 2019

Official Launch of University Campus

On Thursday 21 February The Honourable John Brumby officially launched our new University Campus at La Trobe University. In an Australian-first partnership with La Trobe University, we are providing Year 9 students with a year-long hybrid secondary school-university learning experience.

In attendance at the official launch were Principal Gerard Foley, the Vice Chancellor of La Trobe University, Professor John Dewar, Chancellor-Elect The Honourable John Brumby, The Reverend Stephen May, Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Board Members and Life Governors, students, staff, parents and the many people who played a critical role in making our University Campus a reality. Guests came together under a marquee in front of the heritage listed terrace buildings and Year 9 student emcees, Luke and Lucy shared their experiences of their time at the new campus, thus far.

The first of its kind in Australia, Year 9 students from both Plenty and Ivanhoe campuses combine in a unique setting that will engage, challenge and prepare them for the Senior Years and adult life. Mr Foley said that the opening of University Campus signalled a new era and how transformative the innovative program will be for our Year 9 students.

“Year 9 is often seen as a year of unique adolescent challenges. I see it as one of the unique opportunities to harness their growing curiosity and desire for autonomy. University Campus encourages resilience and independence, which our students crave,” Mr Foley said.

Year 9 students will enjoy many new experiences while studying core subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English. As part of the innovative curriculum, students will create and start a business through entrepreneurial programs, and conduct in-depth studies as part of the signature program IGNITE.

La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar said the opening of Ivanhoe Grammar School’s new campus reflects the University’s commitment to supporting and inspiring local students.

“We are privileged to provide Ivanhoe Grammar School students with the chance to use some of our facilities and to play a role in providing an early introduction to university learning at La Trobe. We hope to support and inspire local students in years to come,” Professor Dewar said.

University Campus is the result of visionary leadership alongside a lot of hard work and dedication from many people. We sincerely thank everyone who helped to make University Campus a reality and the official launch such a success.