Tuesday 07 February 2017

Newly Ordained Reverend Kirsten Winkett

Our newly ordained Reverend, Kirsten Winkett took part in an ordination service in the Anglican Church of Australia on Saturday 4 February. Kirsten was one of 18 ordinands who had spent three days on a silent retreat proceeding the service on Saturday at St Paul’s Cathedral. The 18 new Deacons were ordained by Vicar General Bishop Philip.

Kirsten Winkett began as Chaplain at The Ridgeway Campus in May 2015. Prior to her role at Ivanhoe she was a Chaplain at an Anglican Girls School in Melbourne where she was Chaplain for four years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Affairs and a Postgraduate Diploma of Theology. Kirsten has worked in a variety of roles working with young people and their families in welfare and community development both internationally, interstate and locally.

Kirsten is married and has three teenage children whom she loves to hang out with usually at different sporting events. She and her family have lived overseas both in Scotland and the U.S. which gave them an opportunity to meet some really amazing people and travel to some beautiful parts of the world. She is passionate about supporting children; young people and their families as they experience life, explore the world and examine how faith can play a meaningful part in their lives.

Kirsten is a wonderful addition to Ivanhoe Grammar School and we congratulate her on her recent ordination. She had this to say about her experience thus far.

“For most of my adult and professional life I have worked with young people in different settings. The last seven of those as a licensed lay chaplain, firstly in a local Secondary College, then an Anglican Girls school and now here at Ivanhoe. I am drawn to working within communities and Ivanhoe is definitely a community. It is in fact the rich diversity within the Ivanhoe community that drew me to the school. It has been a joy and a pleasure to get to know and work with and for the different people within our community here at Ivanhoe. I sort to be ordained rather than remain lay for two reasons, one it was something I felt God wanted me to do and secondly because I believe as an ordained chaplain I can better serve the community of Ivanhoe.”