Thursday 24 November 2022

New School Leaders

Our new School Captains and Prefects for 2023 were inducted at a special Oath Signing ceremony with Principal Gerard Foley and Heads of Campus and then introduced formally to the School community at special assemblies. It is an honour and an important passage for students as new school leaders are presented across all campuses. We congratulate School Captains Avriel, Angus, Jessica and Vangelis. Ten Prefects will work alongside School Captains Avriel and Angus at Plenty Campus. The Ridgeway Campus has 19 Prefects who will work with School Captains Jessica and Vangelis. Captains and Prefects look forward to fulfilling their duties and being involved in the leadership of the School.

Our School Captains provided us with their vision for 2023, their thoughts on what makes a good leader and highlights of their time at Ivanhoe Grammar School so far.

School Captain Angus

My vision for 2023 is to both have an enjoyable year, not only for myself but for all the other students at the school. This can be done in many ways, but especially through student input. This way, we can not only improve the enjoyment of being an Ivanhoe Grammar School student, but also improve our character, community spirit, and building of becoming an Ivanhoe learner.

I believe that being balanced and collaborative. Being able to balance all tasks and views of a particular leadership topic, as well as contributing with other leaders as well as those you serve to maximise your service to them. After all, you are there to serve others, and what better way to work with them than to know exactly how to do the best for them.

My highlights at Ivanhoe Grammar School so far are Cadet Camps and the musicals. Being part of something bigger and working with other people to put on a great show or work towards a big accomplishment in the bush is a very fulfilling feeling.

School Captain Avriel

I would like to achieve a school that is united, where students of all campuses have fostered strong relationships and the willingness to try new things, regardless of their individual experiences. After years ruled by the pandemic restrictions, it is time we bring back to the celebration of sports, the arts and service opportunities for all, such as cross-year level competitions and the collaboration between leaders of both campuses to implement new initiatives within the school to make Ivanhoe a place where all students, regardless of their background can thrive.

A great leader is one who is willing to embrace challenges and learn, by adapting to hardships and showing strength even amongst adversity. True leadership is when humility is shown and a leader works together with the people they lead, establishing a sense of belonging and connection within the community.

I am excited to work with Angus, Jess and Vangelis, alongside the Prefects and Year 12 leaders, to continue to build an inclusive school community that works to implement all the new ideas brought by the students. I will continue to contribute to all areas of learning by supporting the upcoming musical and performing at recitals and concerts, playing softball for the school, being an avid debater and a leader in the cadet program, and upholding all attributes of the Ivanhoe Learner.

Whilst Ivanhoe has provided me with fond memories of creative pursuits, being involved in recent school productions, and an avid musician in various ensembles, or debating with my peers and becoming a ‘delegate for a day’ through the Model United Nations, the highlight of my time has been the relationships between my peers from all year levels and the teachers, who have guided my leadership and academic growth since Year 7. I will forever treasure the advice and banter shared between the members of the Ivanhoe family, the bittersweet navigation activities on cadet camps and the success on the sporting field. Those moments are priceless.

School Captain Jessica

My vision for 2023 is to make tangible changes that are directed by the interests of the student body.

For me, the most important attribute of a good leader is that they must truly care about and understand the group of people they are leading.

The highlight of my time so far at Ivanhoe Grammar School would without a doubt be the annual Cadet Camp that took place in March of 2022. However, another highlight would be the weekly Saturday morning sport that I participate in.

School Captain Vangelis

I wish to promote co-curricular activities as they assist in developing the passions of students and connect students from different year levels in engaging ways. I intend to provide greater communication about the programs offered at Ivanhoe to students, and thus encourage them to be involved in the diversity of school activities that capture their interests. Further, I see it as essential to support students in their ability to educate themselves on global issues many of which we may be faced with as future leaders. Through forums and discussions, I hope to see Ivanhoe globalise its education to create not only people of good character but also as engaged global citizens.

More importantly, the voice of every member of the Ivanhoe community deserves the ability to be heard. Ultimately it is the collective of staff, students and families which make up the Ivanhoe community and as such it is necessary for my vision of a 2023 Ivanhoe to provide them with the avenues to do so. Whether it be through open meetings for students to attend and share their ideas or just friendly discussions, our goal is always to provide open channels of communication.

But what does it mean to me to lead? A leader encourages collaboration, is willing to accept responsibility, is respectful and inclusive, demonstrates high levels of integrity, and inspires creativity alongside demonstrating compassion and courage. A leader must possess vision and clarity of purpose to deliver on their commitment(s) to achieve their ultimate goal and to make a difference. A true leader will forever aspire to produce positive change which benefits their representatives.

As one of the captains for 2023, I am excited for the year ahead and I look forward to working alongside the other school captains and prefects in our collective goal of improving the Ivanhoe experience for all members of the community we volunteered to serve.