Friday 08 August 2014

National Science Week

The annual National Science Week commenced on Monday 4 August and a range of fantastic activities were planned throughout the week.

The week began with a morning tea for all secondary staff which set the tone for the week ahead; fun, exciting and engaging.

During lunchtime on Monday and Thursday, students and staff were invited to the Food Technology lab for a ricotta cheese making session. Only three ingredients were needed to make the ricotta, milk, salt and citric acid, all readily available from the supermarket. However patience was the key ingredient, allowing at least twenty minutes of constant stirring! Once the milk had reached 95 degrees, citric acid was added which curdled the milk immediately (one of the few instances where curdled milk is a good thing). The mixture was then strained and allowed to cool; the cheese was then ready to eat. Either served with crackers and tomatoes or for a less healthy alternative, sprinkled over hot chips with gravy.

One of the highlights of the week was the wacky antics of Professor Bunsen. In his enthusiastic and often explosive demonstrations he explained a number of scientific phenomenon’s such as atoms, matter, electricity, gravity and the importance of energy.

The week concluded with the launch of the School’s kitchen garden on Friday afternoon where students and staff rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty to plant seedlings and tend to the garden.