Sunday 03 June 2018

More Than Words

The annual concert, More than Words, ran on Thursday, 31 May in Buckley Hall to a very enthusiastic and supportive audience. Buckley Hall was overflowing with family and friends in the gallery and lower auditorium.

The event was first established in 1998 as a vehicle to encourage solo singing at the School. The event was open to ‘all-comers’ but all places in the program were auditioned.

This year there were 61 applicants from all over the School to create a program of 22 Soloists and three Choir places.

The quality has become extremely high and it is no reflection on those who missed a spot on their abilities. Ivanhoe has great singing students, who work hard to develop their skills and stagecraft. Over the forthcoming years, many of those will get a place on the program.

The 2018 program featured some really talented and skilled performers, presenting a range of songs from the Classical repertoire to Music Theatre through Contemporary Popular and Country.

Buckley Hall was transformed with an outstanding and creative light show designed by graduate Jonathan Stanley, of Light & Sound Solutions. The lighting of Buckley Hall presented our singers in a truly professional manner, making the impact for the audience just spectacular.

My thanks go to all the Voice tutors at Buckley House, Plenty Campus and The Ridgeway Campus, the Choir Directors from Primary through to Secondary and our talented accompanists, who always do the most amazing job of supporting our singers when they are on stage.

If you did not get to see and hear the More Than Words Concert this year, make sure you do in 2019.