Thursday 31 August 2017

Moot Court at LaTrobe University

On Tuesday, four Year 11 Legal Studies students attended a Moot Court Competition at La Trobe University. They were given a criminal case study to review and develop arguments for the prosecution and defence. They spent a day at the university in preparation for the mooting experience, where students worked with law professors and first-year law students to research case law and refine their arguments. They showed great public speaking and advocacy skills and were awarded ‘Best Research Skills’, which was a testimony to all of their hard work.

“We were given a case along with written testimonies from witnesses of the crime and had to come up with the closing statements to defend our clients. I was on the defence, with my junior counsel Edward and we argued that our imaginary client acted in self-defence and not murder. It was all a really fun experience and we got to act as if we were real lawyers, we even won an award for our great work!”