Monday 18 July 2022

Monash Scholars Program

We are delighted to announce that three Year 10 students, Edward, Alana, and Caitlin have been selected for the prestigious Monash Scholars 2022 -2024 program.

Over two and half years scholars take part in this advanced program, aimed at high achieving secondary school students with the objective of giving them an introduction to university alongside opportunities for personal and academic development. Participants will be in the advantageous position of making connections and building networks as well as making the right study choices and potential employment contacts long before they graduate from school and enrol in tertiary education.

Student reflections

How do you feel about gaining a place in the program?

Edward – I feel honoured and appreciative to have been given a place in this program and excited to participate. I am looking forward to meeting a wider range of students that I would not usually be exposed to. I am lucky to have the opportunity to engage with Monash professors and academics.

Alana – I am very grateful I was able to be recognised for the program, as it provides a mutually beneficial environment for students. I am excited to have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to expand and explore my interests.

Caitlin – When I found out I had gained a place in the program, I was incredibly excited and intrigued at what this opportunity would bring for me in the coming years. Having attended the introductory event in the June school holidays and meeting other students, I am keen to spend more time with this group.

What do you hope to achieve out of the program?

Edward – A new set of peers whom I can communicate with and learn from. I strive to find an understanding of university life and culture and I think this will prepare me for the jump to tertiary education after year 12.

Alana – Considering it is a three-year program, there is much I hope to achieve from this program, namely, to locate and pursue a passion and career path. I am undecided on my future subjects and career as I have a broad range of interests, and thus, through the program, I wish to narrow my endeavours and decide upon a future I am passionate about. Additionally, the program explores study skills and management of the final years of schooling and therefore I also hope to obtain efficient and effective skills for years 11 and 12.

Caitlin – By participating in this program, I hope I will be able to explore and develop a broad range of passions and skills that will help me pinpoint my university course and career options. This program runs events, one of which I have already participated in, which allows me to build connections and enhance my skills both in and out of the classroom. In addition, there is also over 400 students across Victoria in the program, so I hope to gain networks with like-minded participants to support each other over our final years of school and into the future.

What would you like to do when you leave school?

Edward – I have not yet determined what I want to do after school, yet I have interests across a wide range of subjects and topics, especially in written expression as well as sciences such as chemistry, so this may dictate the direction I go in, whether it be medicine or journalism. I know I want to do something to assist people, to care for those who are struggling and cannot help or mend themselves, and hence engage with a wide range of people. I hope the Monash program can assist me to better understand my interests and in particular university courses, I may pursue when I leave school.

Alana – At this point in time, I am still undecided on my specific path when I leave school, although I do enjoy science subjects including biology, which I am doing as a VCE 1 & 2, and I may pursue something within biomedicine for university. However, this is one of the key reasons I am extremely grateful to be a part of this program as it provides an educational and supportive environment to explore multiple pursuits and help narrow down to a specific career path by the end of the program.

Caitlin – Currently, I am unsure which areas I want to focus on and explore after school. However, this program allows exposure to many course options and career paths. This will introduce me to a range of new possibilities and paths I have never heard of or thought about that I may wish to pursue.