Thursday 16 July 2020

Monash Scholars Program

This year, three of our Year 10 students, Leia, Ella and Luke have been selected for the prestigious Monash Scholars Program 2020 – 2022.

This advanced program is aimed at high achieving secondary school students with the aim of giving them an introduction to University alongside opportunities for personal and academic development. Participants will be in the advantageous position of making connections and building networks as well as making the right study choices and potential employment contacts long before they graduate from School and enrol in tertiary education.

This program begins in Year 10 and continues into Year 11 and Year 12 with invitations to events and activities each year with exclusive access to Monash University.

The Monash Scholars Program is a three year program run by Monash University for students in year 10. The program provides students with the opportunity to experience university life and provides access to a number of events to help students make the most out of their senior schooling and explore future career aspirations.

The key benefits of the program are: enhanced learning, exploring career ambitions, defining personal aspirations and building networks.

We caught up with our Monash scholars recently after a small ceremony at school, and they shared with us their excitement about gaining a place in the program and hopes for the future.

How do you feel about gaining a place in the program?

I’m really grateful to have been given this opportunity, although with everything that’s changing now I don’t think it’s completely settled in my mind yet. I’ve already been in contact with other Scholars, as well as Luke and Ella, and it is really great to be a part of such a warm, welcoming and like-minded community of students. I am looking forward to making the most out of our upcoming years in the program!

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. The application process allowed for me to think deeply about my personal achievements and goals, which helped me to reflect upon my ongoing academic journey.

When I received a letter inviting me to apply to this program I was very surprised and was unsure what to think. However, now that my application has been accepted I feel honoured and excited to be lucky enough to participate in the Monash Scholars program.

What do you hope to get out of the program?

I think the opportunity to engage in conversation with other students and established academics will prove extremely valuable in my final school years. I’m also looking forward to learning more about possible career paths and university life through the program.

I’d really like to make new connections through the program, as well as getting to know the Monash campus, along with its tertiary opportunities. From what the introductory sessions have conveyed, these goals will endeavour to be met for all students involved in the program.

I am hoping this program guides me through the upcoming years at school and prepares me for life at university. I am looking toward to making new friends and learning new skills that I can implement in school and use in everyday life. I am excited to receive this opportunity for personal and academic development and gain knowledge and experience of the right study choices.

What would you like to do when you leave school?

I’d like to study medicine or biomedical science after school. I’m really interested in science and biology, and the ability to focus that into helping people through medicine seems especially rewarding. I’ve also been watching a really unhealthy amount of House during isolation.

Currently, I wish to pursue either teaching or law. I’ve always wanted to be able to give back to those around me, and those two career paths provide me with the opportunity to do so in a really special, unique way.

I am currently unsure of the path I would like to take when I leave school. However I hope this program guides me in the decisions I make, so I learn to get the best possible experience out of my future endeavours. Specifically, I am interested in going down a science pathway to explore, create and hopefully innovate, to benefit the lives of those around me.

Congratulations to Leia, Ella and Luke, this is such an honour and a great opportunity.