Thursday 25 May 2023

Model UN Competition

On Wednesday 23 May Ivanhoe Grammar School hosted a Model UN (MUN) for students from Years 9-12. Over 120 talented students from 10 different schools across Melbourne participated, including 40 students from our Ridgeway and Plenty campuses.

Student delegates were in teams of four, representing 30 countries, simulating the United Nations General Assembly. The theme was “Empowering Women and Girls”. The delegates researched their countries prior to the event and then took part in a process to draft a resolution which was then voted on by the assembly.

The students demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities, eloquence and cultural understanding as they tackled complex global issues. They diplomatically voiced their opinions and listened to others, using negotiation skills to find common ground and forge consensus. The diversity of perspectives and the open exchange of ideas fostered an inclusive and enriching environment.

Participation in the Model UN has expanded delegates’ knowledge of international affairs and has enhanced their public speaking, negotiation, teamwork and research skills. A huge congratulations to all students who took part and the teachers who have advised them throughout the process. Your achievements have showcased the potential of young people who are prepared to address the complex challenges of our world to shape a better tomorrow.


Wendy Mc Carry Head of Academic Extension