Monday 26 September 2016

Million Words’ Reading Competition

The Library came up with a novel idea to get Year 8 students excited about reading by competing to see who could read the most words in a challenge called the Year 8 Million Words’ Reading Competition.

The challenge fostered the students’ competitive sides and got even the most reluctant readers into the spirit of reading with the 2016 Year 8 Million Words Reading Competition winner being Class 8D. By the end of the competition Class 8D had read a total of 4,716,732 words.

Every single student in the class contributed a book and also displayed a genuine reading effort in the spirit of the competition. All students in Year 8 enjoyed the competition, contributing a book and getting involved.

Students really enjoyed the challenge and began recommending the books they had read to their friends. A celebratory morning tea was held at the end of the competition with all the participants involved.