Monday 30 April 2018

Mentoring on Camp

From Monday 26 March to Thursday 29 March students in Year’s 4 and 5 went on camp to the beautiful Airey’s Inlet staying at Angahook Holiday Park. Alongside teachers and outdoor education experts, ten Year 9 student leaders also attended to act as mentors to the younger students.

Year 9 student Christopher describes the experience of being on camp in the role of mentor to the younger students:

During the last week of school Year 9 students of the Advance program volunteered to go on the Plenty Grade 4 and 5 camp as mentors. We enjoyed a delightful time with the students.

I was able to engage with and get to know the younger students by participating in fun-filled activities such as archery, camping, bushwalking, movie nights, environmental projects, surfing and canoeing.

Extensive Exploration was also a fun activity for the Year 5 students which included learning all about the Apollo Bay Lighthouse where students could take a long walk up to see the exclusive view the lighthouse offered. Many students were able to get out of their comfort zones during this activity and conquer their fears.

Throughout camp we got to know the younger kids better and made firm friendships as we ate, participated in activities and joked together.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a mentor at this camp. Even though I was there to guide the younger students I learnt so much from them and made many new connections. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to anyone thinking about taking on the challenge.

Christopher Year 9