Wednesday 16 November 2016

Men’s Health Forum

The School and the OIGA were pleased to host a Men’s Health Forum and Movember fundraiser, featuring guest speakers Craig Harper and Mark Buzza.

Craig, an exercise scientist, presented on Biological Aging versus Chronological Aging and Mark, a member of the Class of 1990 and a Director at the Movember Foundation, highlighted how the Foundation is changing the face of men’s health by funding innovative projects and global awareness-raising campaigns to better understand prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention.

Through an interactive Q and A, Mark was able to respond candidly to the audience on topics which often get neglected due to stigmas including early detection and management of these cancers as well as identifying mental health ‘markers’ and programs which seek to engage youth, not just adults in talking about depression, stress and anxiety, also explored in the Man Up series which was supported by the Movember Foundation.

The audience of parents and alumni were captivated by Craig’s energy and enthusiasm. He challenged the audience to take their health more seriously especially by realising the critical place of decision-making, and assigning more effort to ‘train the brain’ to create habitual lifestyle changes which seek to reduce the aging process and potentially mitigate serious health concerns.

We thank the following alumni business owners for their involvement in this event: JB Photography (Josh Boland ’14), Mr Peebles catering (Scott Curatolo ’00) and Moon Dog beers (Josh Uljans & Karl Van Buuren both ‘02).