Thursday 29 September 2016

Markham College Peru

Three students and Teacher, John Mcinerney were at Markham College, Peru during Term 3. All the Ivanhoe students were in Peru as part of the Round Square connection Ivanhoe and Markham College share.

The McInerney family, including Buckley House PE Teacher Mr. John McInerney along with his wife Tanya and children, Year 9 student, Elly and Year 6 student, Jack have spent the last three months in Peru getting a feel for working and studying in a totally new culture on the other side of the world. They have been hosted by the school, staying across from the senior campus in the official ‘School House.’ All the McInerney’s are well aware of the amazing opportunity they have been afforded to be able to share this experience as a family. Elly and Jack have been involved in many wonderful camps, community trips, and internal school programs during their time at Markham and most importantly have made many new friends.

All members of the family have been learning Spanish and feel like they have developed an understanding of the language and look forward to continuing it in Australia. Jack especially, as he will be benefiting from Ivanhoe’s new language program starting Spanish in Year 7 from next year. Mr McInerney has shared his time between the senior and junior campuses and has really enjoyed the challenge of teaching in a new setting, in a different country. He has experienced and learnt many things which he hopes to incorporate into his teaching arsenal from next term back in Ivanhoe.

Year 10 student, Poppy Scott has been at Markham for one month on an official Round Square exchange, living with a local family. She has had an amazing adventure and has loved all interactions with her exchange school. Poppy has made many wonderful new friends and would love to stay longer. Poppy has noticed some similarities but she also can’t believe the vast differences in place between the Australian and South American cultures, as well as Australian and Peruvian learning styles and teaching methods.

Everyone from Ivanhoe has enjoyed the experience and many commented on how similar the two schools are. This may sound unusual for two schools that are 13,000 km apart with totally different backgrounds, cultures and language. However both are Round Square Schools who educate young people in quality educational environments with similar philosophies and guidelines.

We look forward to the safe arrival of our Round Square travellers back to Ivanhoe in Term 4.