Sunday 17 April 2016

Life on the Edge

This year’s Round Square Conference for Student’s Aged 12 to 14 took place at Scotch College, Perth. It ran from 11 – 15 April and the theme was Life on the Edge. Delegates from around the Asia Pacific Region were treated to five days of stimulating presentations, inspiring discourse and challenging physical activity.

The hosts, Scotch College, provided a series of experiences that dared students to push beyond their comfort zones in an array of different areas of their lives. It was a privilege to witness Ivanhoe Grammar School students rise to each occasion and they represented the school with courage and aplomb.

Speakers addressed a range of urgent global issues, drawing delegates’ attention to ways in which they were able to engage and contribute; our young people became increasingly aware that they have so much to offer in helping to solve problems that could, at first, seem daunting.

A significant highlight of the trip was the camaraderie between young people from different schools, states and countries. Ivanhoe students formed an immediate bond with a group of Chinese delegates from Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada, and this generous and inclusive attitude pervaded the rest of the conference.