Monday 28 September 2020

Letters to the Elderly

Year 11 student Charlotte recently ran a project called Letters to the Elderly to help boost social connection during the coronavirus pandemic. Many aged care facilities have been in lockdown or had strict visiting guidelines in place to protect vulnerable residents, making a project such as this a really meaningful way for residents to be able to interact with people outside their nursing home. It also gave students the opportunity to connect with others, to feel helpful and share their own experience of life in 2020.

The support from the school community was outstanding with Charlotte not only receiving 53 letters but amazing artworks and pictures attached as well.  Charlotte packaged them all up and sent them off to the local nursing home. The residents were delighted to receive the heartfelt messages and Charlotte was very impressed with how well the project went.

“It definitely brought some smiles and positivity, and with that being my whole intention for the project, I am overjoyed,” said Charlotte.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and who took the time out to help to make a difference in another person’s life.