Wednesday 22 April 2020

Letters to our Loved Ones

Year 6 students at Buckley House were given a project recently that resulted in them creating some very heartwarming work. During their writing sessions, students were asked to write letters to a grandparent or loved one who they are unable to see due to the current Coronavirus situation.

Led by their teacher Mr Braddy and using the letters as a base students then took photos of what they had been doing around their homes. Students got very creative using their video editing skills in iMovie to create video montages to connect with loved ones in their life.

“This is such a very special project for our students to engage in. Thinking of others, particularly loved ones, in difficult times can boost everyone’s mental wellbeing,” said Deputy Head of Buckley House, Helen Page-Wood.

Year 6 student Oscar really captured the spirit of the task and created an outstanding clip for his grandparents outlining everything he has been doing.  Not only has he been continuing to play his musical instruments and cook with his mum but he has also taken to growing square tomatoes! Click here to take a look at everything he has been up to as well as some lovely photos of his family.

At the end of the video, Oscar shared a very poignant message.

“Stay safe and don’t worry. There are a lot of emotions occurring around the world, the most important ones are courage and compassion,” said Year 6 student Oscar.

The final clips were not only uploaded on Seesaw but shared with loved ones as well. The project truly demonstrated the Ivanhoe Learner Attributes and it undoubtedly brightened up quite a few grandparent’s days.