Monday 04 February 2019

Let’s Grow Together

At Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Plenty Campus, students grow together in a truly unique setting, enjoying the benefits of small class sizes, nestled in picturesque native gardens in Doreen, with access to innovative learning facilities and exceptional teachers. From Foundation through to Year 12 our students are taught in a respectful learning environment where they interact and support each other.

This beautiful video is a celebration of what it is like to be a student at Plenty Campus. It is also the result of collaboration between students, teachers, administrative staff and our creative partners. When we work together we are capable of creating some truly inspiring work.

The lyrics to the song are written by two students, Shreya and Chantelle, our Head of Primary Darren Gibson, our Communications and Marketing Manager, Kristina Garla and our creative partner, Light Animations. Darren, who is a talented musician, wrote the music, and it was wonderful for Shreya and Chantelle to work alongside such a seasoned musician and to have the opportunity to sing the song for this video and experience their first ever professional studio recording.

Thank you to all students and staff at Plenty Campus who were involved in the making of this video. We are excited to be sharing this with our school community and beyond! We hope you like and enjoy it, as much as we do.

Our tours for families considering Plenty Campus are now open, our first is coming up on 15 February and bookings are available at