Wednesday 08 April 2020

Learning From Home

As a school, we are so proud of our students who have adapted so quickly and positively to learning from home.

Some wonderful stories have been shared about the innovative and creative work that came out of the last week of Term 1 when the School moved to learning from home.

One such story is the work of Year 6 student Zara from Buckley House. Throughout Term 1 Year 6 students at Buckley House researched an inspiring leader to create an information report.

It was when students moved to learning from home in the last week of Term 1 that some truly remarkable things happened. Teacher Mr Braddy asked students to step into the shoes of their leader and create a clip that showcased their learning and explained what leadership qualities they possessed.

Zara created an amazing piece of work from home. Zara chose Paralympian Dylan Alcott as her inspiring leader and putting her video editing skills to work she created an incredible video at home. Click here to watch her work titled Dylan Alcott is an Australian LEGEND.

During the time that Zara was learning from home she was able to combine her research skills with video technology to create this piece of work. Learning from home enabled Zara to embrace digital technology and build on her video skills.

It’s been remarkable to see our students and teachers adapt to the new technology and come together online with such positivity.

“First day of school is awesome! I love seeing my friends and talking,” said Year 4 student Zara.

“It’s like real when I hear my teachers talk,” said Foundation student Quinn.

Following the Government directive, Ivanhoe Grammar School will continue with home-based learning for all students (ELC through to Year 12) from the start of Term 2, beginning Tuesday 14 April. We look forward to celebrating and sharing the wonderful work that our students create in this dynamic and ever changing environment.