Tuesday 22 March 2016

La Trobe Expo

Over the past two weeks, Year 9 students have been having a wonderful tertiary experience at La Trobe University, going to lectures, interviewing academics and throwing themselves into a research project. This culminated in an expo where students from Plenty showcased all of their learning.

Projects included; Autism – is it a burden or a blessing?, River Blindness and other African Parasites, debating which is the more important in directing scientific research – Morbidity or Mortality and infectious diseases, just to name a few.

Students spent time back at school preparing a stall and putting thought into how to attract people’s attention to their topics. In the evening their enthusiasm and passion for their topics was palpable and they were able to share the knowledge they had gained during their out of classroom experience with staff and parents.

The Year 9 out of Classroom program runs on three separate occasions during the year and students participate in experiential learning outside the classroom. For further information about the program click here.