Tuesday 15 November 2016

Kayakers train with Olympian

The School’s Kayakers are amongst the School’s most committed trainers.

Throughout the year they not only complete regular water sessions but they also train in the weights room before School three times a week. An added bonus for the student kayakers is that they are supervised by three times Olympian Warwick Draper.

Warwick brings a creative approach to training so that these sessions focusing on core stability and endurance are never boring. For our senior paddlers trying out for Australian representation he brings state-of-the-art training techniques and his wealth of experience to their individualised programs.

Testament to this are the large numbers of students especially amongst our juniors who make this early commitment when others are still tucked in their beds.

Warwick is being sent off here by our enthusiastic Year 7’s as he heads off to appear in the exciting new Channel 9 game show “Ninja Warior” where he will be tested on the world’s toughest obstacle course.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a very successful kayaking program that has been running for a number many years producing world-class paddlers who perform on the world stage.