Tuesday 19 May 2015

Kayak News

Kayaking at the School provides many opportunities for our students.

Year 11 Student Tristan Carter recently returned from Rio de Janeiro having competed at the World Junior Slalom Championships finishing 13th in the C1 event, just missing out on the finals. This was a brilliant effort against the European teams. Tristan’s age means that he still eligible to compete next year at the Worlds.

Following Tristan’s success at the Junior Worlds, three students have been selected to Australian Kayak Teams. Year 10 Student Madison Wilson has gained selection to the 2015 World Freestyle Canoe and Kayak Championships and will travel to Ottawa Canada in August. Madi has put a tremendous effort into her paddling over the last year and the Kayak community rejoices in her success.

Year 9 students Sam Grant and Lachlan Bassett have been selected to the Junior Wild Water team in the C2. This means that they will be strapped into together as they paddle the big waters of in the USA.

Congratulations to all involved for their fantasic success in this sport.