Wednesday 02 September 2015

John Heffernan entertains Year 7s

John Heffernan has written at least thirty books for a range of audiences (from early readers to young adults) in a range of genres that includes realistic fiction, fantasy, futuristic, and picture books. He also writes for junior readers under the pseudonym ‘Charlie Carter.’

John was a great storyteller and delighted the audience by reading selected scenes from his recent book Naveed, a story about a boy growing up in Afghanistan. The Year 7s learnt that to be a credible and entertaining author, you must thoroughly research your subject. In the case of Naveed, John made several trips to Afghanistan over the years.

Aside from the knowledge the students took away, his personal stories and connection made for a wonderful experience.

The talk was fantastic. John was very funny and was extremely engaging. Naveed sounds like a very good read and I will try to download it on my iPad on the weekend. It was a thoroughly enjoying talk and John was an excellent guest speaker.
,, Matthew, Year 7

I really liked listening about John’s writing experiences. I will definitely use the idea of basing characters off real people. I also study how people behave for my own writing. To sum it up I think that the author visit was the best one I have seen!
,, Oscar, Year 7