Sunday 06 May 2018

Ivanhoe’s Community Radio Station

In a first for our student-led community radio station, we have four female presenters. The Year 11 girls Mila, Tilly, Amelia and Elizabeth alternate with Year 12 student Chris and his brother Matt from the Class of 2017 each Friday. The School’s Inner FM channel, which airs Ivanhoe Presents on 96.5FM from 4-5pm on Fridays focuses on school events and current affairs.

Year 11 student Mila described how she came to join up, “The school was looking to recruit some female presenters for the show. So when I heard about it I decided to go along to a trial session with Chris and Matt where we watched them present and also learnt the different skills associated with running the program.”

The girls quickly got the hang of things and are relishing the experience of planning their shows and presenting on the radio. “So far, we have interviewed several of our peers about their experiences in various school programs such as the musical, and their own student-run initiatives. As well as continuing discussions with our peers, in the future, we are looking to expand and hope to be able to interview people from a wider range of backgrounds,” said Amelia.

So far, there have been informative interviews with the cast of this year’s Musical, The Secret Garden, the premiership-winning Girls’ Volleyball Team and many other student-run initiatives.

Stay tuned as the presenters have even more planned for the program in 2018. As the year progresses they plan to have guests on the show such as recent graduates to share their stories of life after School, community members, political figures and even some celebrities!

Inner FM has been running for over 30 years, broadcast originally from the School grounds before moving to the current studio in Warringal. Con Zois, Head of Co-Curricular Activities manages Ivanhoe Presents emphasising the benefits of allowing students to express themselves and connect with the local community.