Monday 11 January 2016

Ivanhoe to India

This year a group of 11- 13 year-old students attended the Round Square Conference at Daly College in Indore, India. They departed on Sunday 3 January and will return on Sunday 17 January after completing the post conference tour. The inspirational theme of the conference was: Somewhere over the rainbow – Dreaming of a wonderful world and ran from January 4 – 10.

Over 42 Round Square Schools from across the globe took part in the conference, with Khushi, a Year 8 student proudly flying the Ivanhoe flag at the opening ceremony. Our former Principal and current Chairman of the Round Square, Mr Rod Fraser was also in attendance, taking to the stage to address the guests. Students and staff fully immersed themselves in the picturesque surrounds of the college, taking part in daily yoga sessions and bird watching.

It was a jam-packed conference with many exciting activities, highlights included arts and cultural activities where friendships were formed with students from other schools, baraza groups where discussions and ideas were exchanged, the Team Fun Day, Guest Speaker, Ribu Vorhas’s inspirational presentation on Environment Day and the multicultural evening where students performed a skit on their home country.

Students gain invaluable experiences at Round Square conferences such as the development of social skills and confidence alongside the broadening of international understanding. This amazing adventure continues as the Ivanhoe group continue to explore the many sights of India returning on Sunday 17 January.