Tuesday 06 February 2024

Ivanhoe Edge

After a rejuvenating summer break, it was wonderful to welcome back our Ivanhoe Edge students for the fitness and skills testing day on Tuesday 30 January. Over 80 students from Plenty Campus and Ridgeway Campus gathered as the Ivanhoe Edge semester kicked off. Our dedicated strength and conditioning coaches, Adam Hutton and Sam Allen led the fitness testing, covering sport-specific assessments in speed, power, agility, and aerobic capacity.

What made this session special was the collaboration among students from various sports, spanning all four campuses and year levels. Together, they provided mutual support and gained insights into the testing process. Once the results are in, students will be guided to identify their strengths and set clear goals for their Ivanhoe Edge journey, receiving mentoring on how to achieve these goals.

Witnessing the bravery and determination of all the students as they challenged themselves and established personal benchmarks for the year is one of the highlights of my role as the Head of Ivanhoe Edge. Connecting with students and coaches and supporting them as they face challenges and push each other towards their best is gratifying.

Ivanhoe Edge offers a holistic approach to the development of Ivanhoe Grammar School students, encompassing a wide range of performing arts and sports. Edge students benefit from specialised coaching, strength and conditioning programs, nutrition seminars, and connections with elite athletes, among other opportunities. Our sessions for students in Years 5 – 12 cover AFL, Dance, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, and Swimming. Limited spots are still available for those who may have missed the application deadline. For late applications or more information please email edge@ivanhoe.com.au