Monday 13 November 2023

Ivanhoe Edge Visit to Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)

On Wednesday 8 November, 34 eager and motivated students from the Ivanhoe Edge embarked on a journey to explore the world of elite athleticism at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). Guided by the accomplished Al Viney, a Paralympian in rowing, and Stacey Hymer, an Olympian in taekwondo, students were treated to an exclusive tour of the cutting-edge facilities where high-caliber athletes hone their skills.

The tour provided a unique glimpse into the daily lives of elite athletes, as the students witnessed training sessions and observed athletes undergoing rigorous testing. Al Viney and Stacey Hymer, our knowledgeable guides, generously shared their personal stories during a Q&A session. Their inspiring journeys to becoming a part of the VIS left a lasting impression on the students, offering valuable insights and advice.

In the presence of these accomplished athletes, a sense of aspiration filled the room. The students left the VIS with a newfound belief that they too could strive for excellence and potentially represent their country in the 2032 Olympics.

Upon returning to school, the excitement continued as the students engaged in a skills session led by their coaches. The day also included a dynamic speed and agility session. This format allowed students to work in larger groups and challenge themselves in a more diverse setting, fostering an environment of growth and camaraderie.

The day at the Victorian Institute of Sport was more than an excursion; it was a catalyst for dreams and ambitions. The firsthand experience of witnessing elite athletes in action, coupled with the valuable advice from Al Viney and Stacey Hymer, has undoubtedly left a mark on the Ivanhoe Edge students. As they participated in extended and challenging sessions back at school, the students carried with them the spark of inspiration ignited at the VIS, motivating them to reach new heights in their journeys.

Applications for the Ivanhoe Edge program in Term 1 2024 are still open and will close on December 8. Activities being offered are Dance, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, AFL, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo, and Cricket. Application details are available through Ivanhoe Connect.