Monday 19 October 2015

Ivanhoe Diploma recipients

The Ivanhoe Diploma is an innovative and exciting program for all Ivanhoe students from Years 10 to 12. The Diploma acknowledges the diverse learning of students at the School and students participate in a number of learning and leadership activities, both within and outside the School covering a broad range of areas. It is founded on the breadth of Round Square IDEALS pillars and also emphasises the important 21st century skills of effective communication, collaboration, personal reflection, creativity, civic literacy, and global and intercultural literacy.

Students keep a personal portfolio of their achievements and activities over their senior years at the School which are then assessed by a team of teachers. For each section, students are able to choose the type of activity that best suits their interests.

The program is voluntary and is structured so students can design their own program, based on their skills, passions and interests. Students who already participate in programs outside the School can also get these approved to be counted towards the Diploma.

There are five essential elements of the program which students must complete and accrue 180 hours in total in:

Creative Thinking (Thinking or behaving imaginatively to develop ideas and express something original and of value). For example involvement in School musicals, music, concert performances, choir etc.

Physical Activity (Building resilience, self-discipline and collaboration through physical activity and adventure). For example AGSV representation, surf lifesaving, School sport etc.

Civic Engagement (Encompassing service but not limited to it; a combination of individual and collective actions that address issues of civic or global concern). For example Cambodia service project, Brotherhood of St Laurence breakfast club, Youth in Philanthropy program, fundraising initiatives etc.

Intercultural Understanding (Combining internationalism, intercultural awareness and engagement). For example Round Square service projects, cultural visits etc.

Leadership and Responsibility (Empowering others, mentoring, inspiring, being responsible; leaders reflect on how they lead). For example School Prefect, School Captain, Cadets, mentor programs, camp leader, chapel leader etc.

Congratulations to the following students:

Yang Chen

Olivia Derndorfer

Justine Ewings

Grace Hall

Mia Haravitsidis

Nickolas Johnson

Ruby Marslen

Tessa Newland

Fiona Ye

To find out more about the Ivanhoe Diploma, please CLICK HERE