Wednesday 11 February 2015

The Ivanhoe Diploma is launched

The Honours Assembly held on Wednesday 11 February provided the opportunity to launch The Ivanhoe Diploma, an innovative and exciting program offered to senior students from Years 10 to 12.

Professor John McKenzie, former Vice Chancellor of The University of Melbourne and former Deputy Chancellor of La Trobe University and past Ivanhoe Grammar School captain, officially launched the Diploma.

After awarding prizes to the students, Professor McKenzie discussed the key skills that help people be successful. These include passion, commitment, consistency in approach and dealings, great leadership, acknowledgement of their team, empathy, mentorship, timely decision making, adapting to change and life-long learning. He spoke about his mentorship of Rhodes scholars applicants, and how outstanding they were in many ways, and what stiff competition they faced to reach their goal, to illustrate that the journey is more important than the destination and by facing challenges we learn more about ourselves.

The Ivanhoe Diploma comprises a number of learning and leadership activities, both within and outside the School, covering a broad range of areas. These include creative pursuits, physical activities, civic engagement, intercultural understanding and leadership. Students attain a certain number of hours in each area and maintain a personal portfolio of their achievements and activities which are then assessed.

This diploma is unique in Australian schools and shows the breadth and depth of an Ivanhoe education. Many of the programs are available at the School and it encourages students to have an open and enquiring mind to opportunities outside the School and to broaden their outlook.

Participation is voluntary and is structured so students can design their own program, based on their skills, passions and interests.

Deputy Principal/Head of The Ridgeway Campus, Gerard Foley says “Ivanhoe Grammar School has always believed in rich and diverse learning experiences that offer students experiences beyond the classroom and the Diploma has been created to acknowledge and encourage our students’ hard work.”

To find out more about the Ivanhoe Diploma visit or click on the video below