Thursday 30 April 2015

Ivanhoe alumnus recruited by USA College

It isn’t every day that you are given the opportunity to study overseas but that’s exactly what Ivanhoe resident Wes Spargo is doing.

Wes will head to Salt Lake City in the USA in August this year to attend Westminster College as their newly recruited Track and Field Student-Athlete as part of the Transfer Presidential Scholarship. He will also receive athletic aid, which is the highest scholarship award any transfer student may obtain.

What attracted Wes to Westminster was its “excellent academic reputation, a reputable hurdles and strength coach, a fascinating campus and that they offer Spanish language as a major”.

The former Ivanhoe Grammar School student is studying Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University; however this will be put on hold whilst he attends Westminster. During his time at Ivanhoe Wes was a keen athlete and captained the Athletics team during his final year at the School in 2012.

Wes’ acceptance to the College was a long time coming, with a lengthy selection process taking place, including both academic and athletic components. “Your GPA is just as important as your athletic performances, so having excellent grades will improve your chances of being admitted and also acquiring more financial aid,” the track star states.

During his time at Westminster Wes will compete with the Westminster Griffins Track Team in the NCAA Rocky Mountain Conference, which includes schools from Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska and New Mexico. He will be involved in competitions with these schools as well as at other NCAA Conferences, providing he reaches the qualifying standards.

Wes says that he is “beyond excited” to begin his journey as well as “bringing the Griffin’s Track Team many successes in the future”.