Wednesday 05 November 2014

Ivanhoe alumnus accepted to prestigious New York art school

Past Ivanhoe Grammar School student and talented artist, Min ha Kim has recently been accepted into the prestigious School of Visual Art (SVA) in New York.

The SVA offers eleven undergraduate and twenty two graduate degree programs to prospective students, making it an extremely competitive selection process. Along with academic transcripts and the statement of intent, the portfolio plays an important role in the selection process. According to the SVA, portfolios are reviewed with the purpose of identifying the creative and technical skills, abilities and potential of each applicant. In addition, the portfolio should reflect each individual’s unique art background and experiences.

Throughout the selection process, Min ha received support with her application from Ivanhoe staff which involved supplying reference material about her calibre as a student.

Min ha came to the School as an international student originally from South Korea. She commenced her studies in the ELICOS program in 2009 as a Year 8 student and transitioned to Year 9 in ECP 2009. Whilst Min ha was in Australia she stayed with an aunt and now Min ha and her family have relocated to the United States.

Outstanding artwork by Min ha is featured in the Year 7 area of the Middle Years building at the School.

The School would like to congratulate Min ha on her acceptance to SVA and wish her every success in her future endeavours.